In the expansive world of our game, players can embrace a variety of roles, each with its own distinctive skills and abilities. Players have the freedom to explore a rich selection of classes, each designed for specific combat roles and support functions.

Players can switch their class and reset their status points at any time by using special items


Warriors possess formidable strength and excel in hand-to-hand combat. It's wise to keep your distance if you're looking to avoid a direct confrontation.

Weapon: Sword

Damage type: Phisical


Assassins are remarkably agile, capable of striking unseen from the shadows. They specialize in close combat, utilizing daggers to defeat their foes.

Weapon: Daggers

Damage type: Phisical


Hunters excel in ranged combat, skillfully using bows to attack from a distance. They play a crucial role in the team by providing offensive support to frontline allies.

Weapon: Bow

Damage type: Phisical


Wizards wield magical powers, inflicting magical damage through their spells. Facing them, it is advantageous to have magic resistance. They can also dispel buffs from opponents, weakening them in battle.

Weapon: Staff

Damage type: Magical


Shamans harness potent magic, capable of casting both offensive spells and bolstering teammates with vital buffs.

Weapon: Fan

Damage type: Magical

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