Players are rewarded with tokens upon completing daily missions in the game. This reward not only serves as an incentive but also enhances the gaming experience, turning gameplay time into not just an enjoyable activity, but also a profitable and productive one.


Daily rewards are distributed among all players based on their token dominance.

Dominance is calculated as a percentage. For example, if a player holds 100 tokens out of a total of 1,000 tokens locked for dominance, they possess 10% dominance, meaning they will receive 10% of the daily global reward.

To increase their dominance, a player must fuel an NFT item with tokens. These tokens can later be withdrawn, but with a waiting period of 10 days.

Player daily reward = reward pool supply * 0,01 / 30 * dominance


Player daily reward = 530,000,000 * 0,01 / 30 * 10%

= 530,000 TCL

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