🔹Economic Model

The Reward Poll releases 1% monthly in the form of daily rewards


Our game's economic model combines elements of Web2 and Web3 to provide users with an engaging gaming experience and attractive rewards.


Every time a player spends the TCL token in the game, 70% of the amount automatically goes to the Reward Reserve and they go out of circulation for a very long period of time. In this way, the Reward Pool is constantly fed with tokens.

The Reward Pool releases 1% monthly of the amount it holds, ensuring the reserve never depletes. This mechanism causes the rewards amount to constantly decrease, similar to the Bitcoin halving. In fact, it is reduced by 20 - 40% every year, depending on how many purchases players make in the game.

Every time a player makes an in-game purchase, the rate at which the reward drops decreases.

There is a possibility that the reward released will be higher from one month to the next if the number of transactions in the game increases.

The company generates income from microtransactions GooglePlay, AppStore, Steam and from royalties on NFTs, fees from TCL transactions and others thus ensuring the continuity of the operation of the game's servers.


The initial Max. Supply will be 1MLD tokens and this will decrease every time a player makes a transaction due to our token burning system that burns 20% of the value of each transaction. This makes the token more and more rare.

As more players come into the game, the rarity of the token increases.


All equippable items like Weapons, Armors, Shields, Helmets, Earrings, Necklaces, Bracelets, Shoes and Belts will be in NFT format and can only be minted with the TCL-fe459d token.

All web3 purchases in the game are made exclusively with the TCL-fe459d token.


Thanks to the stimulation through token rewards, users are encouraged to play, to bring others through the referral program and to maintain an intense activity on the game servers.

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