🔹Core Team

Marius Răcășan - Founder & CEO

A visionary leader passionate about gaming & tech, his main goal is to integrate games, AI, and blockchain into one innovative and immersive experience.

Nizar Mhadhbi - Lead Developer

Lead Developer and Doctor in Artificial Intelligence. Nizar is a coding expert, passionate about technology and a perfectionist. He's responsible for the technical development of our games.

Alexandru Pană - Community Manager

Alexandru is the go-to person for all things related to our community. He's passionate about communication and ensuring that players' voices are heard.

George Costandache - Game Artist

George is a remarkable creative force. Not only does he bring his unique artistic vision to every project, but he is also skilled in 3D editing and modeling. He's responsible for the stunning graphics, visual experiences, and intricate 3D models in the game.

Engin Özdemir - Game Moderator

Engin monitors in-game activity, ensuring a positive gaming experience. He's passionate about organizing in-game events and also takes part in game testing.

Ionela Răcășan - Level Designer

Ionela is now responsible for designing levels in our game. She is passionate about crafting visually captivating environments and optimizing player experiences.

Cristian Georgescu - UX & UI Designer

Cristian is passionate about creating both beautiful and user-friendly interfaces, he consistently merges the worlds of aesthetics and user experience.

Iulian Curte - Full Stack Developer

Iulian is a young man dedicated and passionate about what he does. A gamer who started his career at a young age and never ceases to amaze us every time.

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