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The kingdoms have been invaded by malevolent creatures that threaten the peace and safety of its inhabitants. Players bear the responsibility to confront these sinister beings, defeat them, and save the city from their reign.

Types of Monsters

Monsters differ based on level, power, and abilities. The higher the level of a monster, the more challenging it is and the more valuable the rewards and experience gained from defeating it.

  1. Regular Monsters:

    • These monsters present challenges for players of all levels.

    • Depending on the monster's level, the rewards and experience offered can vary.

  2. Boss Monsters:

    • Controlled by advanced Artificial Intelligence, these monsters are more adaptable and dangerous in battle.

    • They have the ability to adapt to battle conditions, fighting against multiple players simultaneously or even against entire groups of players.

    • Defeating a Boss offers a unique gaming experience and significant rewards.

Battle Strategies

Leveling up and powering your character is essential to face increasing challenges. Players will need to:

  • Become stronger to tackle higher-level monsters.

  • Collaborate with other players and form teams to battle Boss monsters or large groups of enemies.

Defeating monsters not only provides rewards but also valuable experience, contributing to the growth and development of the character, equipping them better to save the kingdom from looming threats.

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